Where to Buy a Granite Countertop in Toronto to Improve the Look of Your Home

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Where to Buy a Granite Countertop in Toronto in Order to Improve the Look of Your Home


Regardless of your reason for wanting to buy a granite countertop, Toronto importer and distributers are the right place to start.


It’s a Fact: Not All Granite Suppliers Are Created Equal


Make sure to choose a business that can offer decades of experience, quality service and prompt secure delivery anywhere in Ontario.


The best place to purchase granite or granite slabs for your new countertop will have a stellar reputation of selling quality and over 300 varieties to choose from. So, regardless of whether you are remodelling from scratch, or simply want to provide a quick fix to improve the look of your home, you will be able to find just the right selection for your needs.


It’s a Fact: If You Are Thinking of Selling Your Home – Granite Countertops Sell Homes Faster


A granite countertop, whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom or on the bar in the rec room, will increase your home’s value, attract more buyers and sell your home faster.


According to Toronto real estate agents, one of the top home upgrades you can make when looking to sell your home includes installing granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the spaces in the home that potential buyers often pay the most attention to and that have the highest return on investment (ROI) when it comes to home renovations.


A natural stone building and renovation material like granite is one of the most popular materials used today for countertops and will appeal especially to most young home buyers. Granite comes in an array of coloursand textures, but it is usually best to stick with neutral colors if you are preparing to sell your home. Many home stages express the importance of selecting neutral colours in order to offer initial appeal for the personal decorating preferences of the majority of people. While granite is slightly more expensive than other countertop materials, it is well worth the price. In addition, you will likely make back your investment when it comes time to sell your home, especially since you may be able to factor the cost into your selling price.


It’s a Fact: Granite is Desired by Home Buyers


A granite countertop immediately sets a kitchen or bathroom apart from the rest and make it a desirable space, especially since  the luxury of granite is visibly obvious and the durability of the material is renowned. Granite practically sells itself because the granite or granite slab in the countertop is composed of a non-porous rock, which makes the  surface:

  • Scratch proof
  • Easy to clean and difficult for the surface to retain dust and dirt
  • Able to outlast any other counter material
  • Naturally resistant to heat and will not be scorched even if a hot pan is placed on the surface
  • Stain-resistant when properly sealed
Granite surfaces can take a lot of abuse, especially in high traffic areas. If cared for properly, granite can last for decades. Homebuyers are usually willing to pay more for a house that has granite counters versus other materials, since it won't have to be replaced in a few years, if ever. Real estate agents have noticed that installing a granite countertop will speed up sales and attract high-quality buyers, which may even increase your asking price by 10 per cent.

It’s A Fact: A Granite Countertop In Toronto Is One of the Quickest Fixes to Improve the Look of Your Home

Every seller wants a fast sale, but the chances are likely that you will need to make some upgrades to your home in order to attract buyers.  If you don’t already have granite countertops, one of the quickest renovations you can make is to install some. Even small changes to counters can make a big impact on the length of time in which a home is on the market and how much it will sell for. Granite countertops are durable, visually appealing and can infuse a kitchen or bathroom with colour and depth.
In Toronto's highly competitive housing market, it is important to gain any advantage when selling a home. Make your home look as good as possible and make the most out of a sale by giving you countertops a makeover. Visit a reputable granite importer and distributor today to achieve a timeless look for high traffic spaces, which can increase resale value and sell your house quickly.